Our mission is to unite, uplift, and empower through the instruction and practice of Ubuntu, a South African Ideology comprised of behaviors that exude human kindness and compassion. By embedding Ubuntu into our everyday lives we strive to create a positive and open minded society. Through Ubuntu Them Cloud Kids will empower youth by advocating anti-bullying, conflict resolution, and self-esteem boosting through reiterating the values of Ubuntu. By integrating people from various racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds through Ubuntu we strive to unite all people as a community. Through Ubuntu Them Cloud Kids promotes environmental consciousness and creates possibilities that are more sustainable for our planet. Them Cloud Kids strives to inspire community members to realize their status as a sustainable resource by providing them with knowledge to do so.

Them Cloud Kids non-profit organization is creating a future that is impossible without us being in it. We are creating our own universe, The Ubuntu Universe, where kindness and compassion reign. We are creating a future where compassion is contagious. By making compassion contagious we are promoting selflessness in all people. Promoting compassion promotes caring for those around you despite our differences. Them Cloud Kids aims to inspire our peers to become better role models for the youth. By empowering the youth we hope to change the path of our generation in order to create positive pathways for the upcoming generations.

Help us, Help us™ is a slogan we use to summarize our actions and goals. Essentially our concentration is unity and togetherness so the statement represents us in that manner. Help us, Help us™ refers to collaborations or partnerships that allow us to achieve goals that will benefit the greater good. The slogan is an open invitation of acceptance for all of the necessary volunteers and resources we need in order to create a positive change. It displays the urge we have to support others as well as the need to be supported.


Nothing speaks to a bright future like an active and involved past. Since our inception, we have spearheaded or participated in the following initiatives: 

  • Active Them Cloud Kids Student Org Chapter at Rutgers Newark  University.
  • Bridge the gap between urban youth and college youth.
  • Establish partnerships with political officials in the city of Newark.
  • Host intergenerational events that improve the social and mental well being of attendees.
  • Created opportunities for college youth to give back to their community at large through mentorship. 
  • We Are The Ones Campaign to improve campus climate at Rutgers University Newark.
  • Brought together a diverse membership team to work towards the mission of Ubuntu.