Eventually, we all will have to pass on — all that we know — onto our forthcoming generations. When the mind is capable of not only understanding but accepting this, life’s focus shifts: will what I have decided to do, say, or believe in bring the world a step closer to peace?

Surely this is a rather grand uncertainty that can’t always be answered with a simple yes or no, but for the sake of this introduction, know that many people ask themselves this question on a regular basis. Perhaps this space is where we originate from: ThemCloudKids, an official non-profit organization pioneered by Rutgers University students who aim to unite, uplift and empower all through Ubuntu.

To clarify our purpose: we care deeply, about everyone. Our mission statement proclaims that we consciously maintain a pro-people perspective. With this in mind, as well as the South African belief system Ubuntu made popular by Nelson Mandela, ThemCloudKids are able to promote kindness and compassion for all. You see, we believe that even after every number has been crunched and after all the professionals have tested and retested their theories, it truly always comes down to whether or not “you” care.

Both tragedies and triumphs circumnavigate our societies daily. In the end, it simply becomes a personal choice as to whether or not someone further investigates or responds to that situation. ThemCloudKids is a collective of peers that deem it necessary to do just that. We openly support positive productivity in today’s world, but we also try to effectively react to adversities that effect the people around us. We strive to achieve this level of awareness and proactivity via our website, blog, social media platforms, committee meetings, and our public events. Amongst our efforts to interact and inform communities, we hope to inspire others to get involved in any way, shape or form conducive with the Ubuntu theory.

To us, it begins here: our blog is a direct narrative between readers & the organization. It is here that updated information, events, and discussions can be found. Addressing & comprehending the perspectives of everyone, especially the youth, is our upmost priority. #HelpUsHelpUs! As a unit, we understand the constant pressures that attempt to silence and or deter the outspoken individual. Empathetically, we extend our resources as the needed podium to break barriers.

That being said, let us travel back to the beginning: the future. The purpose of all the hard work and dedication woven into this organization is so that whilst here, connections can be made with as many people as possible. These relationships will  build up the Ubuntu lifestyle. Those very same connections, if bonded with true compassion and kindness, will flourish on way longer than any of us are able to.

That idea — that distinct possibility, is the driving force behind the shift of our life’s focus.
We will create a chain reaction that affects the entire world.


We shall leave you with this:

"Do everything out of love and with the absence of ignorance."
— Renelle aka Shë, the Pretender