• U-Square/ MPR Room (map)
  • 155 University ave
  • newark, NJ

Help us, Help us™ is a slogan we use to summarize our actions and goals. Essentially our concentration is unity and togetherness so the statement represents us in that manner. Help us, Help us™ refers to collaborations or partnerships that allow us to achieve goals that will benefit the greater good. The slogan is an open invitation of acceptance for all of the necessary volunteers and resources we need in order to create a positive change. It displays the urge we have to support others as well as the need to be supported.

Our goal is too bring together a room full of strangers to accomplish the task of making 500 lunches for the community. We will deliver the lunches to the various shelters and stations throughout the Central Ward of Newark. We ask that all attendees RSVP here or via email at info@themcloudkids.org prior to the event. Also we are collecting donations to support our Help Us, Help Us initiative and future events.

Help Us, Help Us: Community Feeding